• Sustainable, high-power performance
  • Custom designs on a proven platform
  • Efficient and durable aluminum hull
  • Smart steering & control systems

Electric boating should be as sexy and fast as conventional boating.

Our years of experience in the field of hull forms, hydrofoils, drives and battery systems have resulted in an affordable concept for electric boating with high-power performance.

Using only purpose made, inhouse developed technology -from hull to control electronics- allows us to build affordable and efficient custom electric boats, designed for your mission.

Based in Amsterdam, we work with a small team that has decades of experience in marine, electronic and mechanical engineering.

Meet your budget!

Do you love speed and excitement? Our yachts can go with a maximum speed of 50 km/h for up to two hours! Whether used for touring or watersports, a Ripple can give you the range you need in an affordable way.

Estimate the base cost of a Ripple tailored to your mission


5.4 meters

50 km/h

0.5 hours

25 km/h

1.5 hours

5 km/h

7 hours

€ 66,000.00

vat inc.

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